Top 5 Fashion Bloggers!

f2f9f8d5adbafb3af6bca3111731c81f Vanessa Hong

blushing1Julie Sarinana

5i0no1-l-610x610-india+rose-coat-sweater-jeans-bag-shoesIndia Rose

bomb-blogger-aleali-may-fbd3Aleali May

DSCF6794Gizele Oliveria

Hello beautiful people,

its your girl Charmine, back with a brand new blog. Today I will be show casing my personally favorite bloggers and 2 reasons why I love them. Lets jump right into it, lets start off with the beautiful Julie Sarinana, I am so in love with her sense of fashion. One thing I personally love about her is how organize and neat her blog page looks and I love how she puts simple pieces together and making them very decent, classy and sophisticated. Another one of my favorite fashion bloggers is Vanessa Hong she has very unique sense of dressing but its very bold, edgy and sexy. I personally love it when she takes very unique styles and make them extremely cute but very simple. Next up is Aleali May who is another fashion blogger I absolutely adore, I mean her taste in fashion is very vintage and it has so much class and I admire the fact that she takes very neutral pieces and creates such classic outfits. Another fashion blogger I admire is India rose, she has such a unique vibe and I love the fact that she can wear a suite and top it off with sneakers. I find that very interesting and also quite amazing how she can take pieces like this and create statement look. Gizele Oliveira is hands down one of the best bloggers out there, she has such a vintage, boho and bold vibe. she has such a unique way of putting pieces together and gaving them such a priceless look, but it still looks very stunning. I will definitely click the link down below and check them out!

Fashion is all about being unique and different! 


How To Style Trench Coats




Hello Beautiful People,

your girl is back with a new blog,its all about the trench coats. I personally love it when men and women wear trench coats because it makes the outfit look more sophisticated and of course very classy. One of my favorite way to style them is by wearing a simple pair of jeans with a nice sweater and add a brown or black color coat lastly wear some booties or just some sneakers. Another way this look can be put together is by wearing distress jeans and then putting on a dress t-shirt and add a simple color trench coat then add some heels or a any pair of shoes you have. Trench coats are personally one of  my favorite things in the fall they bring out that very simple, clean and classy look. If you have an obsession of coats like I do then you definitely understand where am coming from. I definitely recommend that everyone should have at least one or two trench coats in your closet.

Fashion is all about being unique!

How To Style Booties




Hello world,

my next topic today is how to style boots. Fall Is going to be back in a couple of weeks and the season for boots are official in. I personally love boots I plan on adding on to my collection this fall and winter as much as possible. There are so many different reasons why I love wearing them but I will only gave you three, so lets jump right into it. Number one, I absolutely love the fact that you can wear boots with anything in general, you can style them with jeans, skirts or shorts. I think the perfect way to wear booties is by having on neutral colors nothing too bold or colorful. Another thing I love about them is that you can literally just put them on when you are rushing out of the house or heading to very important meeting. I personally believe that buying black, nude or brown color boots are always good because they are so easy to style, buying odd colors can make it very hard to put an outfit together which can be very frustrating in morning if you are heading to work or school. Lastly cardigans, coats and leather jackets go perfectly with booties, this makes things better because I know at least a couple of people have one in their closet.

Fashion is all about being unique and different.

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Styling Distressed Jeans!




Hello world,

It’s me again, i am back today with a how to style your distressed jeans. I am personally huge fan of distressed jeans, i love how you can wear them with anything and dress them up and down. One of my favorite things about distressed jeans are that they are extremely comfortable and you can wear them with heels or sneakers. One way to style them is by wearing a crop top or a regular shirt and then put a cardigan on top and lastly wear some heels or pumps. Another way to style this look is by wearing a casual t-shirt and throw on a leather jacket or denim jacket and some really simple sneakers. If you would like to add jewelry you can add some simple bracelets, midi rings, necklace or just a watch it will gave the outfit a simple but of course edge vibe. I personally think that when you put on distressed jeans you don’t want to add on any heavier pieces or anything that makes the look too exotic, wearing simple colors makes the jeans standout too. If you someone who loves bright colors i recommend wearing colors that are not too bright but you can wear something that is slightly bright but not too much. lastly adding simple handbags or just a clutch will be perfect, it makes the whole outfit complete.

Fashion is all about being different and unique!

Fall Essentials!

       Fall Essentials!




Hello world,

Fall is almost here and I wanted to share with you guys some of the things I think are very important to have in your closet. One of the things I believe we should all have are Cardigans, the are extremely comfortable you can wear them with heels, sneakers or flats. I love the fact that you can wear them with sweatpants or jeans and your outfit will still look decent and very stylish at the same time. Another important piece we should all have are oversized sweaters, you can just throw one on if your rushing to catch a flight or rushing to a somewhere very important. They are very easy to style you can wear them with heels and sneakers. I think that they look really good with jeans especially cause it makes the outfit look very simple but of cause it makes the look extremely classy at the same time. Lastly I think neutral color t-shirts are very important to have because you can wear then anytime, if your at home and you need something to put on you can just wear them with a pair of sweatpants. If your rushing to a meeting you pair them with some skinny jeans, Cardigan and some heels. If you want to add some jewelry you can wear a simple necklace, watch or just a couple of rings on your figures.

Fashion is all about being unique and different!

Top 3 Looks Of The Summer

 Top 3 Looks Of The Summer





Hello World,

Summer is almost over and of course I had to share my top 3 looks with you guys. Lets jump right into, during this summer there has been a lot of  different comebacks from the past or new ways to rock this looks in different ways. One of my favorite summer trends were rompers, a lot of people have been rocking them lately. One of my favorite pieces was worn by Karrueche Tran at Beauty Con in LA, this look stood out to me because I loved they different prints on her romper and how the sleeves looked like a kimono. I loved that she paired it with a simple necklace and of course some very classy heels. Another look that was a big trend this summer has been mom jeans, one of my favorite looks was worn by Kendall Jenner. I like the fact that she paired it with a very simple cropped sweater and some simple silver platforms. I love mom jeans because you can wear it with a simple t-shirt or tank top or just a dressed shirt. Lastly 2 pieces have been very trendy this summer, but of course I had to pick one that was absolutely outstanding in my opinion. I think Zendaya pulled this 2 piece out perfectly I love how it fit on her body and pairing it  with the white pumps was a great idea it made the outfit edge but very simple.

Fashion is all about being unique and different in your own way!